Losing weight over 30

I’m a soon to be 37 year old mother of two beautiful girls.  I was a size 6 before I had my girls.  After, I think I was around 135?  Then I hit 30.  I found a new love and became comfortable.  I stopped moving.  I sat on the couch whenever possible.  I didn’t like to exercise anymore.  Right around 34 or 35 I was diagnosed with Fibroid Tumors on my uterus to go along with the PCOS I’ve had since I was about 20.  It definitely gave me some serious medical issues which were miserable and uncomfortable and I think took a toll on my hormones.  I gained more and I gained fast. I stopped recognizing myself in the mirror.  My face became so round.  None of my clothes were fitting and before I knew it I was a size 12.  Ok probably a 14 but I refuse to buy any larger so I wear loose clothes like sweats and t-shirts whenever possible. I’m 5’4″ at 165 lbs and it’s not pretty on me.  I see other girls who are bigger and carry it so well and I think I wouldn’t be so mad if I looked like that.  (yup I compare myself to others also)  I’ve done all the “magic” pills and although a couple let me drop weight fast, I always gained right back.  Like over night almost.  I tried weight watcher, atkins, and just eating better and didn’t lose a pound.  I’ve read books by Tosca Reno, “Eat-Clean Diet Recharged”.  It was incredibly helpful.  I learned why we eat what we eat, how to shop and when to eat what.  However, I just couldn’t put it into play in my busy life anymore.  between going back to school myself, working and my fiance, my girls, their sports and school I just couldn’t get it together.  Recently I’ve been doing some research on Carb Cycling.  I’ve read three of Chris Powell and Heidi Powell’s books and it hit me like a ton of bricks during his second book, “Choose More, Lose More”.  I HIGHLY recommend to anyone frustrated from all the struggles that go along with losing weight.  It gave me some confidence back and that the idea of me being healthier again isn’t a fantasy because that’s what it was feeling like for a while.  It made me excited to get started.  I watched several youtube video’s on carb cycling.   I went grocery shopping following what I learned from both Chris and Tosca and put together a simple daily food plan.  I don’t have time to cook so I made it easy meals and snacks.  I may not be exact on calories or grams with every meal but I know I’m doing better.  I’ve been at it for a week and slowly putting exercises into it as well.  I’m learning that baby steps are the way to go.  Switching my mindset and understanding that I didn’t gain this weight in a week so I probably won’t be losing it in a week either.  I will say this.  I know there is no visable changes yet but my clothes are feeling less tight.  I have to stay positive and just keep making good choices.  My blog tomorrow will break down carb cycling and what I do day to day as of now to eat.  Again, I’m no expert and may be eating too much or too little or a mixture of both but I’m starting somewhere.


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